HOWHUA Our Products are tested, approved and strictly comply in accordance to Australian and Industry Standards
    OUR WORKSHOP is fitted out with the most state of the art equipment
    HOWHUA designs and packages the product, its hardware and installation
    HOWHUA All our doors are tested independently and their performance is guaranteed
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    Howhua Delivering quality and innovative solutions

Established in 1998, Howhua is one of the main Australian owned and operated manufacturers of pressed metal door frames. It has also become a manufacturer of Fire Doors and Door panels to the construction industry.

The company has a wealth of experience in large scale building projects ranging from low to high density residential developments to commercial applications for hospitals, prisons, educational facilities, warehousing and acoustic sound rooms.

With two manufacturing plants in Sydney's Inner West, Howhua provides a reliable, quality and dedicated service to its customers and their requirements. The company has made major investments into their manufacturing plant and equipment to ensure product lines meet best practise, fulfilling customers exacting specifications and ensuring deadlines are met.

Howhua is deeply committed to the innovation of new product development and operates a specific and dedicated internal research department. All Howhua products are tested, approved and strictly comply in accordance to Australian and Industry Standards.

Howhua’s services include

  • Manufacture and wholesale of pressed metal door frames
  • Manufacture and wholesale of Fire rate and non-rated doors
  • Design and specification service

Howhua's commitment to customers is to provide superior quality products at competitive prices and to maintain its dedicated and highly competent team of professionals that make Howhua what it is today.

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